On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 1:21 PM, Vladislav Bolkhovitin <vst@vlnb.net> wrote:
Bart Van Assche, on 07/21/2011 12:51 PM wrote:
> I'm referring to target groups. In other words,
>> TARGET_DRIVER iscsi {
>>      GROUP group1 {
>>           INITIATOR A
>>      }
>> }
>> TARGET_DRIVER qla2x00t {
>>      GROUP group1 {
>>           INITIATOR B
>>      }
>> }
>> If I add "group1" as a target group, which will it use? Maybe I'm
>> misunderstanding target groups and they're not actually tied to the above.
> Before ALUA support was added there was only a single kind of group in SCST,
> controlling initiator access. Now ALUA support has been added there are
> three different kinds of groups:
> * initiator access control groups, which are defined per target (not per
> target driver).
> * device groups, which are defined at the global level.
> * target groups, which are defined per device group.

Small addition to this good answer. Groups with the same name on different targets
(so, hence, target drivers), as in the example above, are possible. At least,
should be.


One more question. When adding an initiator to a target group, does that initiator have to already exist somewhere else in scst (like in a driver/target/group)?

Thanks, Mark.