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LuaGL added to Scrupp

We added a new Lua library to Scrupp!

LuaGL allows direct access to OpenGL functionality from Lua/Scrupp. You can find more information about this library on LuaGL's website.

Posted by Andreas Krinke 2012-09-27

Windows binaries of trunk available

The latest SVN revisions are now available as pre-built binaries for Windows. So there is no need to compile anything, if one wants to use the latest development version on Windows.

More information:

Posted by Andreas Krinke 2010-10-30

New Development Environment (IDE)

A new IDE is available for Windows! It's based on SciTE and supports:

  • syntax highlighting,
  • auto-completion,
  • calltips containing function arguments, and
  • easy script execution.

More information and screenshots at:

Posted by Andreas Krinke 2010-10-30

Scrupp v0.4 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Scrupp v0.4.

The main features new in this release:

  1. The inclusion of the cairo binding lua-oocairo by Geoff Richards. The original website of this binding is no longer available, but Scrupp includes the complete source and documentation.

  2. The inclusion of LuaSocket by Diego Nehab.

  3. The support of MPEG-1 videos.

Further changes:

- using autotools for easier compilation and installation on Linux
- text interface supports UTF8 strings (Michal Kolodziejczyk)
- Lua commands 'dofile' and 'require' support the virtual filesystem
- new functions to manipulate the OpenGL state:
  translate, scale, rotate, save, restore and reset the state
- support for image loading from strings (e.g. received via network)
Posted by Andreas Krinke 2009-09-06

Scrupp v0.2 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of Scrupp v0.2.


  • full support for Mac OS X
  • nice message boxes for errors + traceback
    on Mac OS X (with Carbon) and Windows
  • resizable windows
  • scaling and rotation of images and graphics
  • images can be colorized
  • all keys are represented by simple strings
  • changed namespace from 'game' to 'scrupp'
  • removed the mouse and key table;
    all functions moved to 'scrupp' namespace
  • new plugins: font, timer
  • many more
Posted by Andreas Krinke 2008-10-24

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