• Hello,

    This is very useful as it is (thanks Pupeno for that) but I ask me some questions

    I think the graphics could highly benefit from a migration to Qt4 due to the SVG support (It's what I understood with an overview).

    It seems that the CVS version is more advanced that the distributed version (my package manager tell me that I have a 0.1.4-1 and the "about" a 0.1.3). But in the CVS version, I cannot start the practice because the file "programs.xml" misses. If I'm right, would it not be interresting to put this file in the CVS too ?

    • Oh, please, disregard the CVS tree, it's totally broken. You have the latest information here: http://software.pupeno.com/ScoreReadingTrainer-0.1/ using Darcs. It is true that it should be improved, but I'm not maintaining it anymore.