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project restarted - working version for download!

Hello, Screenwriters!

After a sabbatical of a few months, I finally found the time (and the environmental pressure) to finish a working version of screenplay. It is available for download from Sourceforge.Net or the homepage.

Best Regards, Tom Kirchner (Project Founder)

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2006-03-04

project development stopped!


Posted by Tom Kirchner 2005-11-27

Development restarted - Rewriting

Development on screenplay was stopped due to
a lack of time. Now things have changed and I
have now more time for programming so I am
starting to rewrite the screenplay software

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-12-09

Sorry - Development stopped

The development of screenplay will be stopped until I find enough time to continue programming it. I do not know when this will be.

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-06-17

re-starting development / added logbook to hp

Development of screenplay v0.1 will continue slowly but constantly. Check out the new development logbook on the website for the latest news.
The major goal is to finish the first rough 0.1 draft till 1. of july 2003.

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-04-04

new version names

the next version will be version '0.1' and the current 0.1 and 0.2 will be removed, because v0.1 will be the first complete, official and free-for-testing version. the current versions should therefor give you just a rough overview of screenplay.

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-03-09

new homepage


Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-03-06

development stopped till april

yes, development on screenplay version 0.3 (this time with a manual ;o) ) will start at the 1st of april.

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-01-15

early snapshot of screenplay 0.2

an early snapshot of screenplay 0.2 has been released.
Please notice, that it has not been tested at all! But still it
gives an overview of what screenplay soon will look like.

Tom Kirchner

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-01-12

screenplay 0.1

screenplay 0.1 is released and work on version 2.0 is prepared.
Selected features of 0.2:
- output formats html, txt, info
- underline/bold/italic styles (only html)
- more user-defined format
- ...

Note: There is NO DOCUMENTATION yet available neither for version 0.1 nor 0.2. The work on a documentation for version 0.2 is in progress.

However, in the near future, screenwriting under LINUX will be easily possible ;o)... read more

Posted by Tom Kirchner 2003-01-11