#6 Still more install problems..



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    Apologies if this is redundant, but I've been trying
    for weeks to install screem with no luck.

    I'm running Mandrake 7.1 with the latest helixcode
    gnome libraries, and I still run into problems with the
    guile installation. Installing Screem via RPM tells me
    that the needed guile dependancy isn't available when
    the helixcode version is in fact installed, and
    compiling the source fails with the error "/usr/bin/ld:
    cannot find -lXpm"

    Regrettably, I can't find anything on Screem's homepage
    to tell me what I'm missing.

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2000-09-02
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    Mandrake has a newer version of guile installed than Redhat
    6.2 which I believe the RPM was built under.

    As for the -lXpm problem you haven't got libxpm installed.
    I'm not sure of the mandrake package name for it.

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    I am using RedHat 6.0 with an upgrade to the new version of
    I had no problems with my rpms, and I had no problems
    installing screem from the tarballs. I am however getting an
    error when I try to run it. I receive the following:

    ** CRITICAL **: file gdk-pixbuf-scale.c: line 215
    (gdk_pixbuf_scale_simple: assertion 'src != NULL' failed.

    ** CRITICAL **: file gdk-pixbuf-render.c: line 349
    (gdk_pixbuf_render_pixmap_and_mask): assertion 'pixbuf !=
    NULL' failed.

    ** CRITICAL **: file gdk-pixbuf.c line 67
    (gdk_pixbuf_unref): assertion 'pixbuf != NULL' failed.
    colourWizard: check-init
    colourWizard: initialised
    cssWizard: check-init
    cssWizard: initialised
    formWizard: check-init
    formWizard: initialised
    frameWizard: check-init
    new frameset: 2 columns 1 rows
    new frame
    new frame
    frameWizard: initialised
    galleryWizard: check-init
    galleryWizard: initialised
    imageWizard: check-init
    imageWizard: initialised
    linkWizard: check-init
    linkWizard: initialised
    mailWizard: check-init
    mailWizard: initialised
    ssiWizard: check-init
    ssiWizard: initialised
    tableWizard: check-init
    tableWizard: initialised
    uploadWizard: check-init
    screem: error in loading shared libraries:
    so: symbol sem_init, version GLIBC_2.1 not defined in file
    libpthread.so.0 with link time reference

    Do I need to change the version compiler I have?

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2000-12-27
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    this is a RedHat problem, update glibc


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