#2 auto indent and auto insertion of ">"

Jeff Coburn

I looked through all the forums and documentation I
could find so hopefully I didn't miss some way to
already do this, but I have two requests:

1. With auto indent turned on, I can't seem to get it
to indent anything. It would be cool if it
automatically indents to the same place as the previous
line, like First Page 2000 does (it's a windows app -

2. When I type a "<" character, it automatically puts
the closing bracket after the cursor. This is driving
me nuts since I then have to take my hand off the
keyboard to arrow past it or hit delete to get rid of
it. The only way I found to disable it is using
Settings, Preferences, Keys to have "<" replace "<".
Unfortunately, this also keeps Intelligent Tag Closing
from working, which I absolutely love. Please give me
a way to stop it from inserting the ">" character, or
automatically deleting it if it sees two in a row.
I've tried a couple things as workarounds, but can't
seem to come up with anything that works reasonably

How about writing a decent web browser for linux while
you're at it? The first time I tried to submit this
Opera quietly just went away...


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