#15 Improving dock items positioning


Moving and/or adding dock items (aka "sidebars") could
be confusing for the new user, to make the operation
more user friendly I suggest that:

1. when the cursor is on the dock item tool bar[1] a
tool tip appear saying something like "Drag me where
you want to place me" (in better English, of course :)

2. there be a "Restore standard dock item view"
somewhere in the Preferences, so that the user can go
back to the default, standard positioning of dock items
if he manages to mess up his configuration;

3. the "Iconify" button add the dock item's icon
somewhere (to the status bar?), so that the user can
hide/recall the item quickly; or that it be removed
altogether as at present it doesn't seem different from

4. it took me a while to understand how to make dock
items viewable in tabs again, please updated the help
files and provide tooltips to this end.

[1] The help file mentions the "window bar" but this
is not correct IMHO.


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