#14 Some php features


It would be nice to have this 2 features:

1. Check syntax of php files with "php -l <filename>"
(didn't find a way to use stdin _and_ -l ...) when
saving and show error messages in the error output box
and maybe highlight the line where the error occured.
Needless to say that screem should do this only if
"which php" returns an actual location of the php binary :)

2. Show classes, variables and funktions in the
structure/tree view dock and when double clicking an
item screem should jump to it's declaration or first


  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2004-04-21

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    both things I think are nice ideas.

    For classes variables etc. at the moment you can use the
    Symbols dock item if you have ctags installed, although this
    is only updated upon loading a site, (off by default in site
    settings) so would require ctags running by hand periodically.

  • Sven Salzwedel

    Sven Salzwedel - 2004-06-05

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    Ctags isn't really an option for me anymore, because I
    switched from nfs to sftp:// (utilizing gnome-vfs :) and so
    there should be a way to create a structure of a php file
    which handles also gnome-vfs ressources. But as I'm not a C
    coder, I don't know how much effort this would involve and
    I'm sadly not able to actually code it.

    What also recently came into my mind is that when selecting
    an item from the popup with PHP functions, screem shouldn't
    insert the function _with_ parameters, because this is very
    unhandy. Instead it should insert the function only with
    parentheses and place the cursor inside them. Then, it
    should provide a little tooltip help, with types and names
    of the parameters. The particular parameter, where the
    cursor is at the moment, should be bolded in the tooltip.
    For example, when I am between the second and third comma,
    the third parameter should be bolded inside the tooltip. The
    tooltip should be shown as long as I am between the parentheses.

  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2004-07-20
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  • David A Knight

    David A Knight - 2004-07-20

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    1) can now be done with the current CVS code using helpers,
    and set


    although gnomes insistance on calling many php files html
    files may case a problem here, as the exectype is currently
    only a single mime type or mime wildcard.

    no highlighting of errors, that will have to wait for work
    on the message / error views themselves.


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