Entity replacement

  • Bart Szyszka

    Bart Szyszka - 2005-01-30

    I went inside my Screem Preferences and also the gconf keys to turn of all the auto replacement features of Screem, but in certain places I type an ampersand (&) or angle brackets (<), Screem converts them to &amp; and &lt; . Is there anywhere I can turn this off?

    I tried looking for a file where these replacements might be defined, so that I could at least change "replace & with &amp;" to "replace & with &", but I couldn't find such a file.

    I'm coding a site in PHP where I'm using a lot of &'s and <'s and it's making it really difficult. I'm constantly needing to worry about characters accidentally being inserted into my code that shouldn't be there.

    • Bart Szyszka

      Bart Szyszka - 2005-01-30

      Oh I forgot to mention I'm using Screem version 0.12.1 .


    • riotix

      riotix - 2007-03-17

      I'm having exactly the same problem with version 0.16.1 though I turned auto entity insertion off in the editor preferences.

    • CPF_

      CPF_ - 2007-07-18

      Having the same problem.
      I did find out that it only occurs when I'm  inside a tag's attribute. That's the only point where it happens.
      So, when I type:
      <input type="text" name="<?=$name?>" /> Sometimes it becomes <input type="text" name="&lt;?=$name?&gt;" />
      Very annoying, turned everything off too...


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