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    Feed Blog - 2002-11-25

    This looks like useful package. Having tried to install it from source and various RPMS the smallest number of errors I get is this:

    gnome-xml is needed by screem-0.4.1-fr1

    on a binary RPM.

    I've tried a few XML libraries but havn't found this one.

    I run KDE 3.0 in RH 7.3. Any ideas how to kick start it?

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2002-11-26

      gnome-xml is another name for libxml

    • Feed Blog

      Feed Blog - 2002-11-27

      I got that far ;).. I have libxml and have even tried setting the prefix in the ./configure  (set to /usr, usr/bin other gnome paths etc) still no luck..

      Any other ideas..?or is this going to have to go down as one of those 5% dependency problems that never get solved :-(

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2002-11-28

      my only guess here is that you don't have libxml-devel installed if configure isn't picking it up.  Also you should be aware that screem <= 0.4.x uses libxml1 rather than libxml2.


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