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This soft is awsome ! but what a pity that...

  • nandayo

    nandayo - 2008-11-22

    Hi everybody,

    I discovered this soft to replace dreamweaver auto-completion function, and I thank the author for this awsome tool.

    However, I notices that auto-completion works perfectly for html (the soft proposes the different possible choices), but nothing for CSS options.

    Exemple : if I write  "<div style=", it does not propose anything like "background-color", "text-decoration" and so on. It just proposes "Cdata"... :-/

    Is it possible to use a kind of extension to make this editor useful for CSS options too ? I find it is really a pity it doesn't  :-/

    Many thanks !

    • nandayo

      nandayo - 2008-11-22

      I wanna precise that I checked the CSS tag-tree in options, and when I open a CSS file, the completion is proposed. The problem is that, in a html/php file, he proposes Cdata each type I enter a CSS tag like in the example above :-/


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