unable to upload: UploadWizard2 not found

  • Rich Drewes

    Rich Drewes - 2003-06-26

    I am unable to fetch or upload.  The following error is printed when I try:

    (screem:3360): Bonobo-WARNING **: FIXME: verb 'UploadWizard2' not found, emit exception

    The plugins directory does contain:  /usr/lib/screem/plugins/uploadWizard.so

    (I notice it's not called uploadWizard2.so . . . hmm.)

    I have tried RPMS from both freshrpms.net and Mandrake cooker and they both seem to have this problem.  This is on 0.6.2.  I have tried building from source but it proved to be too big a PITA to bother.  I found an RPM for .7 and it simply crashes at startup.  Sigh.

    Any ideas how to debug this?  Or does anyone have a link to a working RPM?


    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2003-06-28

      the verb is just a text string and bears no relation to the actual .so name.  UploadWizard2 being the fetch menu item, which has not been implemented.

      This error should not show for upload though


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