Screem crash!!!!!

Tim Silver
  • Tim Silver

    Tim Silver - 2008-06-09


    I'm in the process of exploring Ubuntu and available software. I don't know if this is a problem with my installation of the heron or Screem (I'm a complete noob to Linux; it's probably my fault) - but... I'll be editing a file in Screem and it just shuts down! No warning. No error message. No file save. Just as if I hadn't opened Screem! Anyone any thoughts?

    • utnubuuser

      utnubuuser - 2008-07-04

      Hi - Yeah, I've experienced the same problem with Screem, but only occasionally under Ubuntu 7.10, and continuously under 8.04. It works fine in Ubuntu 7.04.  I think it's some kind of kernel conflict. It works great with the generic kernel of 7.04. I'm not a programmer, but I'm guessing that something that's part of the OS, some kind of system-check, or refresh cycle is causing the crash.  I also use Screem with Debian Etch, and again, it works fine.  I also use Gimp, and have gotten a couple of problems from the newer Ubuntu 8.04. One of these problems resolved itself when I added an extra hard drive to my system - go figure.
      I've seen other reports of this same problem on the bug list, so I know it's not isolated. As I said, the only solution I've found so far, is to use an older version of Ubuntu, (7.04 is faster anyway).
      Please post again if you find another solution - thanks


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