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CVS in Screem?

  • Brian

    Brian - 2006-01-14

    Is it possible to set up a local CVS repo of a project entirely inside Screem, or do I have to use the command line CVS stuff to set the repo up, then point Scribus in the right direction?

    I'm running 0.12.1, and Tools>>CVS>>Import Site isn't creating the repo like I expected it to.

    I've never used CVS before, but I've been reading the CVS docs, and "import" is (supposed to be) the command to create a new repo...

    Am I doing something wrong, or does CVS not work in 0.12.1?

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2006-01-16

      I'm not sure if it works in 0.12.1, it should do.  Import works ok in the current development code, which won't have changed anything from what the current stable 0.16.x releases are doing.

      Make sure you are filling in the CVS Root field in the dialog that appears.

      An import only creates the repo in CVS, you will then have to do a checkout to the site directory.  After that commit/update will work fine.  There does appear to be a bug in the checkout dialog with selecting the folder to checkout to though. 

      If you are using a local cvs repository then the path to the folder will do as cvs root.




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