Alein - 2007-09-08

Thanks for reading this post. I am running Screem 0.16.1 on Ubuntu 7.04.

I have created a site and need to upload changes to a remote server that only supports FTP. I have configured the Site Settings and filled in the Publishing Tab appropriately as far as I can tell. Remote Host Details, Authentication, and Transfer Options sections appear self explanatory. I can login, Get and Put files from Terminal with no problem. I can also FTP into the server from a windows box and use HTTP as well.

When I select Tools> Upload, however;

The Upload progress box appears and tells me there are x number of files to upload. It then makes believe it's "Copying" each one while the Messages window displays:

Upload Wizard: filename: Access Denied

after about a minute for every file needing to be uploaded. Needless to say the files are not written to the server.

Does someone have any idea what's going on?? I think it's a problem with my settings but have no idea what Screem is looking for since I can login and manipulate files with other software. I am trying to migrate away from Dreamcleaver and Screem is great but it really is a bummer to manually update changed files. Thanks for helping.