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John Cokos
  • John Cokos

    John Cokos - 2003-04-12

    When editing multiple files, if you are editing one file, and then switch to another file .... when you return to the file you started with, your cursor is reset to the first line in the file, rather than where you were while editing.  This makes it very tough to jump between multiple files in the editor.

    When using the "Find" utility, the "OK" button is not defaulted, so you can't just type in your word and press <return>.  Rather, you have to type in the word, and then grab your mouse and click the button.  Would be a big timesaver to allow the return button to work there.

    Search and Replace: Needs an option for "All open files", for cases when you're just editing a bunch of random files.

    Need a "Close All" button.

    Allow changing of the font style in the tree.  When you traverse deep directories, it's tough to get around with scrollbars all over the place, and filenames being cutoff.

    The tree viewer thing always starts up on the right.  Every time I open Screem, I have to drag it left.  Not a deal killer, but an annoyance.  Same goes for the various button bars.  If you move them around, their locations arent saved.  So the next time you open up Screem, you have to re-drag everything around.

    Thanks for your hard work and a great program.  I've just made the switch from Windoze, where I was an EditPlus user  for the last 3+ years.  Screem is the closest thing to EP that I've seen, just a few little parts here and there from making the defacto standard out here in Linuxville.

    John Cokos

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2003-04-13

      1) correct cursor positioning is now done on switching pages in CVS

      2) find button has been given the default in CVS

      3) search open files added in CVS

      4) Close All added to the file menu in CVS

      5) the development version allows the tree to be resized which may help, should HTML/PHP files have quick access branches like images, scripts and stylesheets currently do?  I don't really like the idea of allowing the font to be changed, but I'm not ruling it out.

      6) the development version will remember where you put everything

    • John Cokos

      John Cokos - 2003-04-14

      Is the development version stable enough for installation over the 6.2 that I have installed then ??  I'm getting quite a few segfaults in Screem all of a sudden with 6.2, mostly when trying to load a "Site" that I'd previously created.  Once it segfaults once, I can't get it to start back up again unless I reboot.  I'm guessing that's a memory release problem ?

      Let me know if you want more ideas on this... I've got tons.

      If you have access to a windows machine, definitely grab a copy of editplus (  It's probably the best text editor on Windows platform.  Screem feels a lot like EP, but EP, being much older obviously has more of the "little things" that make it top-notch.

      I think you can probably have the best thing since cake and ice cream here if you follow parts of that model.


    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2003-04-15

      Stability is about the same, as with the stable version if it crashes please file a bug report.

      Any ideas are welcome.

    • John Cokos

      John Cokos - 2003-04-16

      Will the new version compile with
      gkhtml-1.1.9-09 and gkhtml-devel-1.1.9-09

      I had to install the .85 versions of those to get your .62 to compile (downgraded what I had).  Redhat is notifying me that there's a new version of those out.  Before I upgrade, I want to be certain.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2003-04-17

      hmm, you shouldn't have to downgrade anything.   gtkhtml-1.1 is not used by screem at all, gtkhtml2 is what is used, and checked for in the configure script.  

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2004-03-22

      Just ironing out kinks in a Mandrake 9.1 install which seems to hold together ok:

      Included with 9.1 was Screem 0.6.0,
      which looks fairly appropriate for my simple tasks (PHP-HTML website stuff).
      Against another piece of work which will remain nameless, it fairs somewhat better, but I have an observation which may be my own mistake, a superceded flaw previously corrected, or simple incompatibilities between the Mandrake setup and Screem.

      ::= The icons take up most of the screen real estate. I am using 1024x768, and am quite accustomed to vapor-thin scroll bars and micro-icons in order to maximize working space. I have looked, but not seen any quick fixes in the menus for this. I am wondering if I go into the source and resize the icons, recompile, if the page will adjust accordingly, or is it hardwired to accomodate only the current icon sizes?
      Stupid question I realize, but not seeing any info on this, before I go tinkering with the code....

      I could upgrade, but seeing how well it appears to work in the current setup ('It ain't broke...')

      Cheers for all the hard work anyway,
      if sourceforge donations were egold,
      I would send a bit your way.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2004-03-23

      the toolbars follow the normal gnome setting for showing icons, icons + text, or just text.  0.6.0 has lots of problems, though so upgrading would be recommended.


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