Change UI?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2007-01-10

    I just looked at the todo list on the screem website and noticed this item.

    My question is .. Why?
    There currently is no ugly bloatware style UI for Screem, I think it should stay like that.
    I'm happy with the current UI.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2007-04-30

      There are some bad parts of the UI.  The new page / site druids for example.  There was a screenshot of the new new page window posted to the mailing list back on 11 Dec 2005.  Archives are refusing to show me it though.  It makes things much nicer and templates more useful.

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous - 2007-05-24

      I just tried to view it myself and that post isn't showing at all for me either.
      As long as the change isn't to create a fancy gui that doesn't improve functionality [ like NVu, a completely useless gui ] I won't get upset.

      ~wandering off to check if bug just submitted is build specific or is a real problem~


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