Saša Janiška - 2005-11-07


Few days ago I submitted a feature request to add  support for Adobe GoLive templates to Screem (simlar to DW) - see #1348107   ticket in RFE.

Dave responded very quickly and now one can create pages in Screem based on Adob GoLive templates.

Here is the last message from him in regards and I'm inlcuding it here so we can discuss if there is some improvment which be done  according to users' needs:

The newly attached patch makes it  work, in addition to
adding a bit of special import code for golive sites.

pages created in screem from a template will probably not
work in golive as templated files though,  without manually
setting the template path to what golive expects.

I often have the following scenario, my friend & myself are working together on the site - he is doing more design, while I was helping with CSS etc.

He works in AGL on Win32, I'm on Linux...

So, if I create a new page in Screem based on AGL template, it preserves all the template tags except the:

<!-- #BeginTemplate "path"  -->

which is great and it does not require too muc work to add one line per page!

By adding the above line, I can work on the site send the site back to my friend to continue working on it, true?

<quote>the upload code will probably need modifying for golive
sites as well due to the way the actual site to upload is a
subdirectory of the project directory.</quote>

That is also (I beleive) not a problem.

After finishing my work on Linux side, I just send a tarball back to my Win32 friend who can do uploading from AGL.

Am I missing something?

otoh, if one just uses AGL templates to work on the Linux, there are no problems at all 'cause Screem is handling everything.