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Two features I'd love

Marc Menem
  • Marc Menem

    Marc Menem - 2005-03-27


    I've just installed Screem from the debian packages, and I'm thrilled to see it solves two of the issues I had with my previous html editor (Emacs): highlighting works much better when I'm mixing languages HTML + PHP + Javascript + CSS (although I did manage to confuse the error highlighting of Screem) and second I am able to edit a remote site over webdav.

    I've got a question: why do the html tags appear in capitals, I'd like them to be lowercase. is this a DTD thing ? then what DTD shoul I use to have lowercase tags ?

    There, the features I'd like would be screem to highlight the matching closing tag when the cursor is over a tag

    There is also a quite simple feature I love in the java editor eclise. It is a keyboard shortcut  ALT+down or ALT+CTL+down used to  move or copy a whole line of text.

    keep up the good work.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-04-12

      the tags are coming from the DTD yes.  xhtml doctypes use lowercase.


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