Error While Try to rebuild the SRC Screem

  • UKanth

    UKanth - 2005-07-28

    Hi all,
    plz help me

    i m using fedora core 4 . i downloaded the screem source rpm named screem


    while try to rebuild that rpm it gave some error like this

    screem-application.o(.text+0x1939): In function `screem_application_dbus_filter':
    /root/redhat/BUILD/screem-0.12.1/src/screem-application.c:1525: undefined reference to `dbus_message_iter_get_string'
    screem-application.o(.text+0x1e8f): In function `screem_application_startup':
    /root/redhat/BUILD/screem-0.12.1/src/screem-application.c:386: undefined reference to `dbus_bus_service_exists'
    screem-application.o(.text+0x1ed2):/root/redhat/BUILD/screem-0.12.1/src/screem-application.c:395: undefined reference to `dbus_message_append_iter_init'
    screem-application.o(.text+0x1ee3):/root/redhat/BUILD/screem-0.12.1/src/screem-application.c:397: undefined reference to `dbus_message_iter_append_string'
    screem-application.o(.text+0x1f4f):/root/redhat/BUILD/screem-0.12.1/src/screem-application.c:410: undefined reference to `dbus_bus_acquire_service'
    collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

    what i have to do??

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-07-28

      The problem here is the newer version of dbus fc4 has.  To build against it you need a newer version of screem.  0.14.2 being the latest, although there is no src rpm, and the spec file in the tarball isn't updated.

      Grab the 0.14.2 tarball, unpack it, edit screem.spec so the Version is 0.14.2.

      Repack the tarball, fileroller will do, or from the command line.

      Then run

      rpm -tb screem-0.14.2.tar.gz

      to build a binary rpm.

      This should be enough to get a working rpm, although I'm not guarenteeing it.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-07-28

      I should add that fedora-core-extras has 0.14.1 already,  (according to a quick google) which is identical to the latest 0.14.2 except only 0.14.2 will build against the current development version of gnome.


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