Dan Allen - 2006-12-12

Before I even utter a word of my request, let me say that Screem rocks.  I continually see new features that prove it to be the best html site editor out there.

Moving on.  After creating a new html tag, it is very frustrating not to be able to move the cursor with the TAB key to get beyond the end of the start tag.  After accepting the completion, it is natural to start typing inside of the tag.  I will provide an example.

Assume that I want to make a new paragraph.  I begin by typing:


At this point I get a list of suggestions.  To accept the paragraph tag, I hit enter.  If I were to hit the spacebar, I could get a list of attributes from which to choose.  Assume I have either already done that, or not interested in attributes for this tag.  So I end up with:


The "|" character is the location of my cursor.  I would expect that by typing the TAB character at this point, it would advance the cursor beyond the end of the start tag:


However, there is no way that I can figure out to accomplish this step without resorting the arrow keys (which are about a mile away on a QWERTY keyboard).

If you can either offer a suggestion or add this feature, you wouldn't have a happier Screem user.