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  • indira mcguire

    indira mcguire - 2000-07-09

    i had screem-0.2.1 installed using the freebsd ports collection,then i downloaded screem-0.2.7 from your website. It compiles fine but when i try to run screem i get this message

    Gdk-WARNING **: locale not supported by C library
    tag w: 300      tag h: 125
    file w: 300     file h: 705

    ** ERROR **: No Syntax files found, check your installation

    Abort trap (core dumped)                                            

    any clue what i should do?
    i am using freebsd4.0 and gcc 2.95.2

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2000-07-09

      Hmm, this is the second report of this.  It is due to not being able to
      identify the mime type of the syntax files.

      Look in $HOME/.gnome/mime-info

      There should be 2 files called  screem.keys and screem.mime
      if there aren't then that would explain it.

      Try a CVS snapshot as I've being altering the build process to sort this
      sort of thing out.


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