a bug when creating 'new site'

  • Benjamin P. Keating

    here is the console output. Im not much of a debugger / programmer, but it crashed right after i clicked "finish".  method of site tranfer was "ftp" if that makes a difference.

    bkeating@blue bkeating $ screem

    (screem:10370): GLib-CRITICAL **: file gstrfuncs.c: line 1813 (g_strcasecmp): assertion `s2 != NULL' failed

    (gnome_segv:10372): Gtk-WARNING **: gtkmessagedialog.c:270: invalid property id 1 for "message-type" of type `GParamEnum' in `GtkMessageDialog'

    are you guys away of this? It happens each time.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2003-09-10

      this is known about, and has been reported a number of times in 0.6.x.

      It doesn't seem to be a problem with 0.7.x though.


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