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  • misfu

    misfu - 2005-04-12


    I need to know some things before starting a website.

    I use linux and i have to make a choice between some web editor like screem and before starting i need to answers these questions :

    1) are an automation of tasks and code possible ?

    2) how many language can i use and can i make an indentation of my code ?

    3) their is a syntactic colouring ?

    3) Screem support a technologie like LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql PHP) ?

    4) Do you know where i can find a french support for start with screem ?

    Thanks for all


    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-05-10

      1) you can assign key combos to insert specific text, or you can use the helper application system for more complex tasks you want to automate.

      2/3) screem supports highlighting 35 different languages, with auto indentation support.  Special auto indentation is provided for markup files that will indent based on the document tree structure.  Any markup language is supported if the document contains a doctype at the top with the url for where screem can find the dtd.

      4) there is no specific support for mysql, or apache (although basic authentication code can be inserted at a single click).  For php there is autocompletion of function names + tooltips for functions.


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