Suggestion: Code Compression

  • Ava3ar

    Ava3ar - 2005-09-04

    So that you can press +/- button and it compresses any {} blocks


    if(spam != true){
    function = yes;
    uselss = no

    press compress
    if(spam != true){...};

    that way you can make it easier, and if possible, when doing a search or a goto line, then it takes the compression into effect, and if the line is inside the compressed block, then it autoexpands it


    134: if(spam != true){...};
    148: if(spam2 != true){...};

    search performed
    134: if(spam != true){
    135: <hightlight> function = yes;</hightlight>
    136 useless = no;
    137: }
    138: if(spam2 != true){...};

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-09-08

      This is probably something for gtksourceview to handle rather than screem itself.

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2005-10-10

        There is a patch in gnome bugzilla that is a start on code folding.


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