suggestion: better intelligent tag closing

  • Diogo Galvăo Vieira

    hi dudes!

    when using intelligent tag closing option i'd like to make advantage of what i've already typed.

    <b> ... </
    when i type the slash it automatically closes the bold tag:
    <b> ... </b>
    but if i also type the B (as if the intelling tag clossing was off) it gets:
    <b> ... </b>b
    or even
    <b> ... </b>b>
    if i type the whole sentence!

    you may advice me to turn off the intelligent tag closing but it should be better if when completing the </tag>, "tag>" gets selected in such way that if i type "tag>" myself it doesn't get twice and if i press END it completes as expected.

    am i clear? :)
    sorry for the poor english!

    currently at 0.10.1 . don't know if this option has been already made...


    • Matthew Colyer

      Matthew Colyer - 2004-05-09

      Actually I would rather not see that function. I know its annoying to get used to but once you do it actually reduces the number of key strokes necessary. The one thing I would like to see is that if you try to past with inside of an attribute that has been quoted when you press ctrl-v it just puts a v there. Anyway I think screem is totally rocking now, its much more stable than it used to be. Keep up the good work.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2004-05-10

      I see what you mean, the auto completed section should be selected, so that it gets overwritten if you continue to type.

      While this would seem a good idea it would introduce another keypress to continue on typing so I'm not sure about it.

      The auto completion popup does need fixing to pass control characters like ctrl on though.

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2004-05-29

        CVS version now handles ctrl properly in the autocomplete popup.


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