Subversion support

  •  rip_h

    rip_h - 2006-01-27

    Some major free software projects including gcc, VLC and KDE are now under subversion repositories.  IMHO, I think screem would see its user-base grow if it added Subversion and GNU Arch.  I, personally, invested quite a bit of time last year in converting all of my projects within my CVS repository into my Subversion repository to the point where I did not need my CVS repository any more.  I would not like to create (downgrade to) a CVS repository for the sake of creating my website.  Two features in subversion that I tend to use often include: renaming/moving a file, having the assurance that all of my commits are atomic.  CVS doesn't provide good support for either of these.
    Screem is none-the-less an excellent piece of free software.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2006-02-04

      You can add svn support now as helper applications, which is actually how the built in CVS support works anyway.

      How well this will work I'm not sure.  I've not looked at Subversion or Arch properly yet.

    • Ray Jenson

      Ray Jenson - 2007-11-13

      Okay, take this as you will, but I *just* moved off of my $12,000 Windows box and onto a $400 Ubuntu box (same box, different software). I dropped Dreamweaver 8. Screem is an excellent replacement for Dreamweaver, once you get used to the whole "Linux thing".

      Dreamweaver 8 allows SCP, FTP, and the like, but Windows has shell extensions for CVS and Subversion which more or less automate the command structure. I was pleasantly surprised that Screen has CVS support. However, for my own project, I don't use CVS due to the fact that I could never quite get it to work right under Windows. Subversion worked once I learned more about it. And now I use subversion almost exclusively.

      What I'd like to see is a menu item that leads to a dialogue which can then help build commands to work with the repositories based on what the user needs done, and which can also track multiple projects. Such an item shouldn't be incredibly difficult to accomplish, as svn typically comes with Linux from what I understand (though, being a Linux n00b, I might be wrong), though I wouldn't know just how difficult it would be to toss the svn command to the system with the appropriate switches and allow it to work. If it can be done with CVS, why not SVN?

      Just my two cents' worth, and like I said, take it as you will.


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