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Save All/Close All in wrong menu

  • Brian

    Brian - 2005-10-31

    I was looking around for these - I was expecting them in the File menu, near the regular Save & Close options.

    Instead they've been tucked into the Documents menu, along with a bunch of more obscure, less standard commands.

    I'm still running 0.12.1 (yes, another victim of Ubuntu's app freeze) so can I hope that these two useful menu options have been moved in the newer releases of Screem?

    Thanks - love the app overall!

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-10-31

      They are in the correct menu, as specified by the gnome HIG and will not be moved.  All gnome apps should have them in the same place, or it is a bug in those apps. (

      you can edit /usr/share/screem/ui/screem-window-menu.xml yourself and move the relevant <menuitem /> tags to whichever <menu> you want them inside.

    • Brian

      Brian - 2005-11-01


      So how do I campaign to get the Gnome HIG made more sensible? <only half joking>

      Seriously, these are not document items, they're file management items, which is why I expected to find them in the File menu with the rest of the Open/Save/Close options.

      Most of the other apps I use are not Gnome-native, I guess, or they're non-compliant with that particular part of the HIG. (Bluefish, for example, puts these items in the File menu, and uses Document for indents, coloring, and various other features directly relating to document display)

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2005-11-01

        The menu is Documents.   Documents being the alternative to Windows mentioning in the HIG.

        The File menu is for a single file (and the misplaced as there isn't anywhere else quit option), so for something on all documents, saving all, closing all, switching between them etc. the Documents or Windows menu is where it belongs.   Screem merges the go menu mentioned in the HIG into it as well as I feel it fits in with this line of reasoning and avoids a more complex menubar.  The File menu is also very full as it is.

        Bluefish has many many areas where it doesn't follow the HIG, which isn't suprising as it isn't a Gnome app.  It uses a Document menu, not Documents, and as you mention has totally different items because of this.

        If you think the HIG is wrong in this respect you can always file a bug against it in gnome bugzilla.

    • Brian

      Brian - 2005-11-07

      >Bluefish has many many areas where it doesn't follow the HIG, which isn't suprising as it isn't a Gnome app.

      Minor point, but Bluefish is entirely a Gnome app - they even do bugtracking thru

      Now onto my next challenge... figuring out CVS so I can have backups of my website projects :-)


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