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  • indira mcguire

    indira mcguire - 2000-07-10

    By: davek ( David A Knight )
                                   RE: freebsd support [ reply ]  
    i looked  in $HOME/.gnome/mime-info and could not find the files
    screem.keys and screem.mime .Though the gnome installation on freebsd is located /usr/X11R6/share. I did check in that directory too and could not locate those files.
    i downloaded the CVS snapshot and ,since i am not very familiar with CVS, could you tell me where the config file is so i can run ./configure?

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2000-07-11

      This is my fault, I misunderstood what the CVS snapshots that sourceforge
      create are.  It is just a snapshot of the reposoitory itself, rather than a
      buildable tarball.

      To get a CVS version you will need to follow the instructions on the
      CVS page for screem.

      I will sort out proper snapshots shortly


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