using xml-resume-library

  • GeraldShastri

    GeraldShastri - 2006-09-20

    I want to add the doctype provided by the xml-resume-library so that I can create an xml resume using screem, how can I use a custom dtd with it? Thanks in advance. Btw I am using Ubuntu.

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2006-10-11

      just put the doctype at the start and screem will fetch it and start supporting it.


      <?xml version="1.0"?>
      <!DOCTYPE resume PUBLIC "-//Sean Kelly//DTD Resume 1.5.1//EN" "">

      and that is it, allowing for a short delay while it is loaded + parsed.  Once fetched it will be available as a doctype from the insert doctype / new document dialogs.


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