• Luke

    Luke - 2005-08-11

    there's a feature of dreamweaver mx 2004 where you can have dream weaver save the file you're working on to the local drive and also to the server at the same time just by pushing the save button. is there a feature in screem that does something similar

    • David A Knight

      David A Knight - 2005-08-11

      no screem will not do this.  chosing the upload item from the site menu if you are working on a site will upload only changed files though.

      The latest development release, 0.15.2 improves the upload wizard so it doesn't require user interaction after chosing the menu item.

      if editable menu accelerators are enabled in the gnome menu & toolbars preferences you can even assign a shortcut to the upload wizard.  I use ctrl+u myself.  With this doing what dw does is a simple matter of pressing ctrl+s then ctrl+u.

      The exact dw behaviour will not be implemented though as I don't think it is a good idea.

    • Magnus Anderson

      Magnus Anderson - 2005-08-21

      How do you assign a shortcut like you have done to the upload wizard in gnome?

      This is the only thing I really miss in Screem and it's making me crazy for having to go to the menu all the time, since I'm making live updates to a dev page that I need to see how it looks on with every change.

      • David A Knight

        David A Knight - 2005-08-21

        From the main gnome menu  System->Preferences->Menu & Toolbars and check the "Editable menu accelerators" button.

        Then any gtk app will let you customize shortcuts by pressing the key combo with the mouse over the menu item you want to assign it to.


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