#300 php snippets in html pages


I'm using Screem in Ubuntu FeistyFawn 7.04

to use php inserts on web pages, one has to save the pages as .php

Most of my web pages are mostly html with a few php includes.

I'd like Screem to have the option (in the preferences dialog) to treat .php page highlighting as though they were .html pages.

My html highlighting for these pages is a lot more important than php highlighting, but if a document is saved as .php, only one single color is used to highlight the html blocks.

If financing is an issue, please notify. I'm not rich, but I value this editor, (it's actually in a class of it's own, and worth it's salt), and would consider making an appropriate contribution if it's only a matter of a couple of hours worth of programming, or a fund-raising drive if it's a major undertaking,
(I know I'm not the only one who thinks this is the best editor available, and that 'free' doesn't mean 'free beer').



  • utnubuuser

    utnubuuser - 2008-08-24

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    Hello again

    Alternatelly, how about adding a php in html option like you've got in the php highlighting dialog to the html highlighting preferences dialog? Bit of a pain editing as .html and then renaming as .php, but still better than the current arrangement.
    Gedit handles the multiple types ok.

  • Jim Hayward

    Jim Hayward - 2009-11-09

    Current CVS now uses the improved GtkSourceView2 widget. This should no longer be an issue.


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