Can't read game text...

  • Ecthelion Celebrindal


    I'm posting this here since I'm not sure it's an error in the game.
    But when I want to read something in this game, it's very hard. Looks like parts of letters are gone etc.
    Since it all looks like it's done on purpose, I don't really know what to do, but the only things I can read are what comes up in the console.
    All menu buttons etc are in this strange unreadeble font...
    Is there any way to change this? I can't read it at all...
    Or IS this an error?
    Is there a way to solve it then?
    If you need specific info, I'll be gld too help...

    (I'm running Ubuntu Edgy Eft and I recompiled it from source)

    • Ecthelion Celebrindal

      Just wanted too add:
      I've looked to the screenshots that can be found on this site and it looks like it IS an error somewhere...
      I've made some screenshots about how it looks on my computer... Where can I post these?

      • Gabor Torok

        Gabor Torok - 2007-01-08

        Hi, try You can post screenshots and maybe someone can answer your question. The game uses freetype for font rendering, maybe you have an old version?

        • Ecthelion Celebrindal


 is down at the moment so posting my srceenshot there won't work...
          I have libfreetype6 version 2.2.1-5 on my computer.
          That's the newest availeble on debian so I guess that's not the problem.

          I'll try to post my screenshot on later this day.


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