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Version 2.4 released

Version 2.4 of Scotland Yard has been released. It features several improvements: enhanced AI and black tickets for Mr. X, i18n support and German translation.

Posted by Shashi Mittal 2010-04-19

Version 2.3 released

Version 2.3 of the game has been released. This version comes with further improvements in the GUI of the game. Now the positions of the detectives are shown and dynamically refreshed on the map.

Posted by Shashi Mittal 2010-03-07

Version 2.2 released

Version 2.2 of Scotland Yard has been released. This version has an improved GUI as compared to the previous versions.

Posted by Shashi Mittal 2010-02-21

Second version of Scotland Yard released

The second version of Scotland Yard incorporates a better GUI for the game, a high-resolution map of the London city, and it fixes many of the bugs that were there in the first version.

Posted by Shashi Mittal 2009-05-31

First version of Scotland Yard released

This is the first version of the classic board game, Scotland Yard. In this game ,there is a fugitive (called Mr X) who has to escape from the clutches of other five players (called detectives). The five detectives cooperate to close on to Mr X.

In this project, the moves of Mr. X are made by the program itself, whereas the human player has to make the moves of the detectives. SInce the game heavily uses many data structures and algorithms, it may be used as well for pedagogical purposes for training students on the use of such data structures and algorithms.... read more

Posted by Shashi Mittal 2004-09-11