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The key to reduce attrition of mining machinery is lubrication

Rotating equipment contains bearings that require lubrication, such as jaw crusher, rotary dryer, gears of machinery. Providing the correct lubricant at the right time and place can be one of the most cost-effective ways of maximizing equipment uptime, especially in the new time of expanding modern machinery equipment. Doing it correctly is just as easy as doing it wrong. Unfortunately, more is not always better and in many applications overfilling with even the 'right' lube can cause failures.

Fortunately, doing it right is generally simple to perform but it does require that a number of essential elements are in place. For example, the equipment must be maintainable, the right lubricants must be used, the lubricants must be applied correctly, and there must be effective condition monitoring.

The path to lubrication excellence can be difficult to navigate. It begins when individuals and organizations become aware of the importance of their lubrication program, its impact on productivity and its direct effect on the bottom line. Once this enlightenment has occurred, comprehensive training in best practices is acquired and the organization can consider what the lubrication program should be and where they wish to take it.

In mechanical production process, machines are used widely and frequently, so lubricantion is needed very often. Then it's important for lubricantion storage and handling. To extract the maximum value from lubricants and the lubrication program, lubricants must be properly managed from cradle to grave. This means adopting best practices for receiving, storing, dispensing, maintaining and finally disposing of used lubricants. The lube store room design, dispensing equipment and handling procedures should be assessed and improved where necessary. The useful life and the quality of lubricants depend greatly on the way the products are managed before being applied to the machinery.

Next, we talk about the lubrication and relubrication practices. The methods by which lubricants are selected and applied to machinery can be more important than the lubricants themselves. Many organizations go out of their way to purchase more expensive lubricants to achieve greater equipment reliability while ignoring poor lubrication practices that contribute more heavily to equipment failure. It is essential that methods be established and documented, based on accepted best practices, for applying lubricants to machinery in a consistent manner which fosters equipment reliability.

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