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Our hammer crusher, counterattack hammer crusher stand alone in mining equipment

Hammer crusher is also called hammer mill, and it's used widely in stone crushing process. There are many types of hammer crushers, such as heavy hammer crusher, impact crusher, counterattack hammer crusher and so on. Today, we talk about counterattack hammer crusher shortly from its application and maintenance.

Counterattack hammer crusher machine is a brick and tile production in an important raw material preparation equipment, used for crushing various brittle materials handling, to brick-making process on the raw material particle size distribution requirements, while two or more bricks of crushed raw materials Treatment can also be mixed to achieve the purpose of. Since crushing equipment wear serious reasons such as poor working environment, resulting in frequent failure crusher, bring greater impact to the production.

Counterattack hammer crusher machine hammer mainly by the rotor, the cabinet of two parts. In part by the hammer rotor, shaft, wheel, pulley, flywheel, bearing and other component parts. Articulated in the hammer event in the rotor disk, and shaft together with the turntable bearing seat support on both sides of the case, one end of the shaft play a balancing role with the flywheel, the other end of the drive belt with pulley and motor connections. Counterattack hammer crusher machine chassis welded by steel plate, mainly into the hopper, the upper case, lower case, activity chassis components, chassis wall lined with manganese steel liner for protection. Enclosure at the top of the hopper and the upper chassis usually is fixed, and only when the rotor needs replacement or overhaul disassembly of the rotor, such as routine maintenance, replacement of hammer, hammer out mainly through the activities of noodles machine shell to the lower housing is stationary. Plays a supporting role in the crushing machine in the bottom of the lower chassis plate or mesh with Grate discharge from the role.

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Crushing hammer crusher maintenance:

Chassis Repair:

Mainly in case of failure after aging liner wear resistance decreased ability to fight, often caused by accidents liner was shot down, resulting in sealing performance of crusher dust have a greater decline. Housing maintenance is the primary means regular liner, it was discovered the timely replacement of aging, but also pay attention to regular checks liner screws, loose screws to prevent the accident off the liner. Proposed liner screw nuts are good effect.

Rotor Maintenance:

Rotor fault mainly in the wheel wear is more serious. New Building Materials Branch of the rotary crusher maintenance of the following methods.

Thickening on both sides of the rotor wheel, select resistant materials:

Counterattack hammer crusher machine, whether the production capacity of the rotor wheel size and quantity, in general, on both sides of the rotary dial in the rotor wear the most serious, is the focus of crusher maintenance. Thickened by both sides of the dial the appropriate way to improve the wear resistance, but also to prevent distortion when welding repair. New building materials branch thickness 12mm rotary switch from the original 20mm, the material is changed to the steel plate 16Mn 65Mn steel. Significantly improved wear resistance.

Repair welding on the dial to:

Even if the increase in the thickness of the dial and change the material, but still can not wear full control dial, or routine maintenance is often indispensable to the case of new building materials branch is taken regularly for maintenance of equipment for welding and rotary coating. Specific steps are missing part of the first wheel wear resistant iron chromium electrode for repair welding of boron, so that part of the wheel as much as possible to restore the original shape of wear, and then use the tungsten carbide electrode wear coating on the welding part. Tungsten electrode wear better, but expensive, therefore taking into account the cost of repair welding after the first coating using the repair process.

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