Unofficial Drag & Drop for v4.13b

  • Josh Harris

    Josh Harris - 2005-01-05

    Here are the updated versions of my unofficial drag & drop modifications for v4.13b.  I'm not at home for a few weeks and I forgot to package up the source code, but if any one needs it, let me know and I can make arrangements to get it uploaded.

    For drag and drop extraction in Windows Explorer:
    A few users have had problems installing these dlls with my original instructions.  There is a new method listed at the top of the install.txt file which involves renaming the original dlls before rebooting.

    For drag & drop extraction from the 7-zip File Manager into Windows Explorer:

    Drag & Drop extraction in Windows Explorer:
    Right Click Drag and Drop Extraction
    Extract All Here
    Extract Each to Path/* (Separate Folders)
    Extract All to Path/FileName
    (FileName is the currently selected file when dragging and dropping)

    Changes to Right Click Context Menu:

    Right Click Context menu only shows extraction options for files with the following extensions: (All other files only have "Add to Archive" and Split options)
    Text for some Right Click Context Menu options has Changed Slightly:
    Extract All Here
    Extract All to Filename/
    Extract Each to */

    An option to Split files has been added to the Right Click Context Menu. This works the same as the new Split option in the 7z File Manager. You then can use the Extract commands to join the file.

    Drag & Drop extraction from the 7-Zip File Manager:
    In order for drag and drop from the modified File Manager to work, you need CtxMenu_Path installed. This is a dll that watches for right click drag & drop operations onto Windows Explorer. It then creates it's own context menu items and sends the drop target path info back to 7Zip.

    To use: first install CtxMenu_Path. Most systems probably use the unicode version. You can run "regsvr32_dll_unicode.bat" to install this version. If the text for the pop menu items appears scrambled, it means that you should use the non-unicode version. Run "unregsvr32_dll.bat" to uninstall and then "regsvr32_dll.bat" to install the non-unicode version.

    You then need to close all Windows Explorer Windows before the changes will take effect. On some systems, you may need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

    Now, open the 7zip File Manager, select the files you want to extract, right click and drag & drop them into a folder in Windows Explorer. You should now have a popup menu with 2 options: "Extract All To" and "Cancel."

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thanks man, really nice job.
      i hope the beats stop flowing out and reaches something stable so you dont have to do this all the time!

      btw, why no mention of you mods on your own webpage?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      hmm... beats... i was supposed to write betas

    • Philip MacCabe

      Philip MacCabe - 2005-01-19

      So have you talked to ipavlov about checking this into his source? Do you have any idea what the deal is with him keeping 7-zip development so closed? It just doesn't make sense to me.

      Here is a project that has such amazing potential and needs just a handful of feature improvements, drag & drop, a slightly slicker GUI, and a bit of optimization to compete with commercial apps.

      With how closed the development seems I wonder why someone hasn't forked this and let everyone have a go at it. ipavlov has done wonderful things, but this application being a success would be a boon to so many people that if he cannot take the time to implement these handful of features and will not open up development, it seems like one of the the times it might be worth it.

      Then again I haven't been watching this project long, so perhaps I just don't get the dev environment yet.

      • Squeller

        Squeller - 2005-01-19

        I am like ipavlov more interested in command line switch improvement, esp. in handling directories, but I also think:

        D&D support is a MUST HAVE.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      My point is that everyone should have a chance to scratch their itch and contribute. If the source were simply posted to CVS on here and opened up for a few more developers to contribute I would think this wouldn't need to be a burden on ipavlov, but bothh could be worked on concurrently.

      Is there a reason ipavlov has not opened up development to allow more people to help out?

    • Nobody/Anonymous


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      any chance we can get this for latest beta 4.15 also?

    • Josh Harris

      Josh Harris - 2005-01-27

      I'll see if I can get it updated over the weekend.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Any chance you can make left click on files for extraction work with dragndrop? Right click is nice if you want options but the most common feature must be one or more files isn't it?

        Thanks for taking the time since now I can't update 7zip utill you made your patches!

    • Josh Harris

      Josh Harris - 2005-01-31

      Sorry, a few things came up this weekend and I didn't have time to update my code yet.

      I'm not 100% sure on what you mean about left-click.  I don't understand: "but the most common feature must be one or more files isn't it?"  You can extract more than one file at a time with my right-click drag & drop.

      And are you talking about left-click drag & drop extraction from Windows Explorer to Windows Explorer or from 7-Zip File Manager to Windows Explorer?

      If you meant from Windows Explorer to Windows Explorer, I don't think it can be done.  As far as my understanding goes, drag & drop requires the context menu which is brought up with a right-click.  I do not know of any software that has created a left-click context menu inside of Windows Explorer.

      If you meant from 7-Zip File Manager to Windows Explorer, then it is possible but it would require a different approach than the one I am using now.  I believe the file would first have to be decompressed to a temporary folder (or possibly in memory) and then moved to the final destination directory.  Right now, I use a dll that grabs the destination path and sends it back to 7-Zip.

      And to continue a thought from the "drag and drop support revisited" thread...I don't use left-click drag & drop, all drag & drop operations that I know of in Windows Explorer (except for move/copy) are right-click and so that is what I am used to using.  This means that adding left-click drag & drop to the 7-Zip File Manager is a low priority for me.  I will certainly keep it on my ToDo list but there is a lot of stuff ahead of it (most of it not even related to 7-Zip).

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Sorry for being unclear. What I meant was from 7-Zip File Manager to Windows Explorer just as it is today but instead of a right click n drag with a context menu to choose what I want to do I just want to select the files and drag them out holding down the left button, without any menu.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have uninstalled 7-zip because of it's lack of offical Drag and drop support.  Sounds like you are fighting the good fight, though - as soon as your work becomes official I will be back with it.  I just couldn't handle the hassle of clicking through 3 dialogs for one simplle action.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Any chance of an updated version for this Josh??
      Pretty please? =)

    • Josh Harris

      Josh Harris - 2005-06-02

      I'm not promising anything, but I will try to look into it this week...


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