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  • annazhao01

    annazhao01 - 2011-10-22

    Talking about compound fertilizer and its developing trend in China industry
    Compound fertilizer contains at least two elements of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Compound fertilizer with two elements is called binary compound fertilizer while that with three elements is called ternary compound fertilizer.

    Presently, Chinese farmers have got used to applying N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) fertilizers and microelement fertilizers instead of straight fertilizers. This significantly raises the scale of Chinese compound fertilizer market.

    By the end of 2009, there were over 4,500 compound fertilizer producers in China with the aggregate production capacity of over 200 million tons. In 2009, the production of Chinese compound fertilizers totaled over 50 million tons. Chinese compound fertilizer production mainly concentrates in Shandong, Jiangsu, Hubei and Sichuan, etc. By saving effect of compound fertilizer enterprise production decline, domestic compound fertilizer market prices rising slightly, currently compound fertilizer enterprise ex-factory price 45% chlorine base compound fertilizer mainstream ex-factory price 2,300-2.450 yuan/ton, 45% s-based compound mainstream ex-factory price 2,550-2,650 yuan/ton in 2010.

    In recent years, with the development of Chinese agricultural specialization, farmers are placing higher requirements on compound fertilizer for the cultivation of high-end cash crops. Nitrogen fertilizers are quite popular with consumers. In fact, most imported ternary compound fertilizers are applied in these high-end cash crops.

    Despite the severe overcapacity in Chinese compound fertilizer industry, large quantities of ternary compound fertilizers are being imported every year. On one hand, these imported fertilizers can supplement the deficiency of Chinese potash fertilizers; on the other hand, imported compound fertilizers dominate Chinese high-end market. Compound fertilizer production equipment, compound fertilizer disc granulator.

    Compared with straight fertilizers, compound fertilizers can better satisfy the growth demands of crops; with the development of Chinese agricultural specialization and scale, especially in economically-developed areas, the demand for high-efficiency, specialized and functional ternary compound fertilizers will see prominent growth. Therefore, ternary compound fertilizer will become the mainstream in Chinese compound fertilizer market. We manufacture whole set of compound fertilizer equipment.

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  • annazhao01

    annazhao01 - 2011-10-28

    Excess capacity into the machinery industry is a major problem

    According to the China Construction Machinery Business survey, 26 of the main manufacturers of excavators in China sold 8868 units in September, 23.86% down. Excavator cumulative increase since February of this year climbed to the highest point, it has been declining for several months. China Construction Machinery Industry Association has predicted the next five years, the construction machinery industry is expected to be 17% annual growth. But now the growth target is being challenged. Growth in the second quarter of this year began the rapid decline in construction machinery industry had still not out of the signs down, the industry growth is still in the 'bottom.' Affected after construction machinery enterprises are expanding production capacity is becoming excess capacity.

    Excavator sales decline in a row is typical of China's construction machinery industry reflected. According to industry experts say, since the second quarter this year, sales of construction machinery industry continued to decline, this phenomenon has not been checked in the third quarter. Zoomlion Chairman Zhan Chun new that the growth rate of decline in construction machinery industry, there have been signs of late last year, the first quarter of this year, industry unexpectedly explosive growth has actually overdrawn market demand, sales of construction machinery starting from the second quarter, a marked decline in . Railway construction slowdown, real estate is the construction machinery industry sales for the decline. Data show that the Ministry of Railways to complete the first nine months of capital construction investment 346.879 billion yuan, down 19.3%. National Railway in the third quarter ended investment for years the Great Leap Forward.

    Data also shows that the first three quarters this year, China's fixed asset investment up 24.9% nominal growth (after deducting price factors, the actual increase of 16.9%), down 0.7 percentage points over the first half, shrinking demand for construction machinery industry downstream. Industry sales is to continue to decline or rebound in the fourth quarter? At the recent 2011 Global Construction Machinery Industry 50 Conference and Summit, insiders believe that the fourth quarter of this year may have tail phenomenon. However, many industry experts believe that the macroeconomic policies remain unchanged, the construction machinery industry will be difficult to return to the past growth rate. Institute of Finance, the State Council Development Research Center, Xia Bin, director on the warning, do not use the past to simulate the growth rate is derived future growth, construction machinery industry is facing the future development of more uncertainty.

    In the industry under the background of slowing demand, the domestic construction machinery industry excess capacity problem increasingly prominent. And 'excess capacity' has become the focus of engineering machinery industry conference topics. ZhanChunXin the truth, construction machinery industry excess capacity are triggering industry malignant competition. Xugong group President and general manager of the rabbit liugong zeng pins identity construction machinery has appeared excess capacity. However, they think, industry excess capacity is the low end products of the excess, in high-end products field still have space. Four trillion yuan investment by pulling, engineering machinery industry become fast development, the related businesses expand the capacity to increase investment. A shares the main engineering machinery listed companies have or are almost through shares expand the capacity of financing. International experts will China enterprise overcapacity called it 'assembly excess capacity'. In order to deal with excess capacity bring industry competition, some large engineering machinery enterprise is calling on industry management department to make the industry standard, to regulate the market competition.

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