sCoreForge Character Sheet v1.3.0.0

[Arch, Armor]

Reworked the Buffs Page and the selection options.
Corrected issue with Alchemist Favored Class Damage not showing on CSI [TICKET#72]
Added Custom Magic Item creation options.[TICKET#74]
Corrected issue with Familiar table. [TICKET#75]
Added all PFAPG Fighter Archetypes. [Arch]

Note: If you do not have a Fighter Archetype Selected, this will not be an issues for you with the load.

Corrected issue with Barbarian Favored Class Bonus, and Magic Item text.[TICKET#78]
Added some of the Buff Text to the Special Properties text in the Weapons Section.
Corrected typo in Oracle Mystery "Ancestor" Skills. [TICKET#80]
Added Eastern Armor from PFUC. [Armor]

Note: If you do not have armor selected, this will not be an issues for you with the load.

Added additional text to weapon properties when some buffs selected. [TICKET#39]
Corrected issue with HP not showing correctly. [TICKET#76]
Corrected Halfing Trait subsitution error. [TICKET#79]
Corrected issue with Half-Orc selected stat not showing. [TICKET#82]
Correct Spellcraft to be 'Trained Only'. [TICKET#83]
Correction to some of the Pseudodragon information. [TICKET#84,#85]
Corrected issue with how Weapon Focus was calculating. [TICKET#86]
Changed Power Attack for Monk Flurry of Blows. [TICKET#88]


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