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ScorchOS 0.1.5 Released

As you can tell from the version bump from 0.1.1 this release is simply to apply some minor bug-fixes and clean up the ScorchOS source code.

  • Emulator support is now fixed (read the wiki for instructions on how to run them correctly if you're having trouble on your favorite Linux distribution)
  • Primis has lopped off bits of the source code we don't need to distribute, etc (source code zip file is now 200KB smaller)
  • Fixes to the system timer... read more
Posted by Bob Moss 2012-12-09

Mac OS X Support Improved

Apple Koolaid addicts can rest easy, we now have guides for building ScorchOS on OSX (and how to emulate it).

Our suggested method of doing things is either to:
a) SSH into a Linux box on your network or a Virtual Machine running Linux
b) Install the requisite build tools using MacPorts

The reason I skipped using OS X's native support for the GNU toolchain is largely because it requires users to install XCode (which Apple recently started charging for), then requires extra steps from the user and dedicated build scripts for OS X. For stability and maintainability purposes I believe it's better for everyone to be running the same build scripts! :)... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2012-11-07

ScorchOS 0.1 Patched!

Please note that ScorchOS 0.1 is not presently under active development, though it may be revived some time in the future.

This patch (dubbed ScorchOS 0.1.1, though the kernel itself will continue to report itself as '0.1') addresses some issues that have emerged over the past 2 years since release.

The main issues addresses are that qemu and bochs support on many Linux distros is either horribly broken or doesn't exist any more!... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2012-10-30

Best Laid Plans of 0.2

Posted by Bob Moss 2011-03-20

ScorchOS 0.1 Released

After an 18 month period of inactivity, this hobby kernel has now seen a new release thanks to renewed interest!

New features since the 0.0.7 release:

* Brand new shell interface with multi-user support
* Fully implemented keyboard driver
* Support for cross-compilers and makefiles within the source code
* A small mountain of bugs have now been squashed
* Bochs is now supported
* Support for ANSI C strings... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-12-21

Current download figures

ScorchOS 0.0.7 (All versions): 609
ApolloOS 0.0.5: 599

I haven't included SVN checkout figures in this.

ApolloOS 0.0.5 was released 06/10/08, with an average of about 26 downloads a month.

ScorchOS 0.0.7 was released 07/03/09 with an average of about 36 downloads a month.

2010 alone we have seen 113 downloads through SF.NET alone, despite the lack of a new release. There have also been 2094 hits this calendar year on the project websites.... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-08-17

Edit to previous announcement

I should point out that I would aiming to move towards 64-bit exclusivity with the kernel. Until I have the core features complete I would be sticking with 32-bit.

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-08-17

The latest status of the project

As quoted from

"A new dawn for ScorchOS?

However, the death of one project is good news for another. It's been over 2 years since I ceased development on ScorchOS and released the original Apollo kernel and two experimental kernels (Lantern and Bluebird, both of which never made it to release) under a BSD license, yet despite killing the domain name the project still gets hundreds of hits on both the main site and Google code host page. Visitors also continue to download the main release tarball showcasing the (rather buggy) shell and SVN checkout the source for all three kernels.... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-08-13

License Changes

Head here for the latest license change:

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-01-29

Important - Development Halted

Posted by Bob Moss 2010-01-04

No more feature-sets!

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-09-11

ScorchOS is on a break!

Development has been halted temporarily while the lead developer pursues other projects:

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-07-13

Becoming Sophisticated

Things have moved on at a real pace since the last update for ScorchOS.

The kernel now has a GDT, IDT and interrupt handling as well as a text-mode VGA driver. There is also support for physical and virtual memory management (this will be properly implemented shortly). IRQ support is still experimental but I've just started work on multi-tasking/scheduling and CPU ID so we should very soon have something worth shouting about!... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-07-07

Latest on the Lantern kernel

Things are still in the very early stages, but the Lantern kernel now has a GDT and now handles interrupts on x86 systems.

The next step for the next ScorchOS kernel is to get a proper text-mode driver working (which will come in very helpful much later for a new shell!). Progress is faster than expected, so ScorchOS 0.0.8 may even be ready by the end of this year :-)

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-06-21

New Kernel Planned

I'm currently working on a new kernel. Check out the 'Lantern' branch of the SVN repository:

It's written in FreeBASIC and is in the VERY early stages of development, but I have some interesting ideas about how the kernel will function. Watch this space!

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-05-29

Latest Download Stats - ScorchOS

ScorchOS 0.0.7 (Patched): 3(+38) = 41
ScorchOS 0.0.7: 68(+115) = 283
ApolloOS 0.0.5: 438(+118) = 556
(+x) = number of testing packages

These figures say a lot about this project. The first is that the testing packages are very popular (especially the self-contained Windows one), so we'll continue using those in future.

Also, it took ApolloOS 5 months to notch up 500 downloads. ScorchOS (with the combined figures for the patched package, which has only been out 24 hours) we've managed 324 in 10 days, so people clearly appreciate the improvements the latter offers over the former. Also, we now know that once we produce a major version, osnews and the osdev forums are good websites to advocate it on!... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-17

ScorchOS 0.0.7 Patch Released

The patch (as announced) has now been released!

The various improvements are included in the 'CHANGES.TXT' file in the 'doc' directory of the source code, or with the file release.

However, this patch makes ScorchOS 0.0.7 a heck of a lot less crash-prone, and is finally a much better base to build upon in future. All attention is now being focussed on ScorchOS 0.0.8 which will improve the shell further and bring new features.... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-16

ScorchOS 0.0.7 Patch Announced

We've just noticed that there are some major bugs in ScorchOS 0.0.7 which need to be addressed.

- the 'add' functions repeats your input before providing an output (this was a debugging feature which should have been removed before release)

- A very poor and unimplemented atoi() function

- Ambiguous results with numbers over 9 being used with the 'add' and 'take' functions

The patched version of ScorchOS 0.0.7(1) will be officially released Tuesday 17th March 2009.

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-16

Plans for ScorchOS 0.0.8

After a fairly good reception from most people (84 downloads on Google Code, SF.NET and of the testing kits in the first 24 hours) and a slating on the forums, there's been mixed views on ScorchOS 0.0.7.

On this basis, the plan for 0.0.8:
- A new kernel (bkerndev is a tutorial kernel, so it makes sense to build something bespoke)
- A less buggy shell (resolve backspace and properly implement atoi() and itoa())... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-09

ScorchOS 0.0.7 Released

ScorchOS (formerly ApolloOS) is a 32-bit pmode kernel written by Bob Moss. It is based on bkerndev and aims to become a GUI-driven operating environment others can develop, extend and learn from.

At the moment we're still in pre-alpha, so don't expect the feature set to blow your socks off! However, the latest features include:

* New License (Apache License v2)
* Shell interface/Virtual Terminal Support
* Improved Documentation and developer tools
* Various Bugfixes... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-07

New SVN Repository

We're now located via

The SVN command for read-only check-outs:
svn checkout scorchos-read-only

The code for ApolloOS 0.0.5 (and all code/documentation that was under the GNU GPLv3 as opposed to the new Apache License v2 stuff) is now in the old repository. RIP ApolloOS! :(

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-06

Confirmed Release Date for ScorchOS 0.0.7

I am aiming to release ScorchOS 0.0.7 before Wednesday 18th March 2009 - it should be well before that, but this is a target that hopefully won't make a delightful whooshing sound as it goes past! :D

I've now uploaded the latest code to our SVN repository on Google Code (if you don't find it using 'ScorchOS', then use our old name 'ApolloOS').

I would also like to draw your attention to our 'Test ScorchOS now!' link on the website - you'll find a Linux and a Windows package to try out ScorchOS in a self-contained environment (Linux users will need qemu installed, but Windows users need nothing more than the zip file provided).... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-03-03

ScorchOS planned features

Kernel development is naturally a very slow process (if you want something half-decent), but ScorchOS 0.0.7 has had the goal posts moved several times with the result that it's taking a little longer than intended!

The planned feature set as finalized for the 0.0.7 release (other ideas will be released later):

* A port of newlib (to use Standard C in the kernel and aid app development later)
* A command-line shell (with support for arguments)
* Rudimentary user level support
* Numerous bug fixes (such as version number corrections, reduced count on the timer, etc.)
* Improved documentation (from wikis, etc.)
* Now licensed under Apache License 2.0 rather than GNU GPLv3... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-02-05

ApolloOS becomes ScorchOS!

Yes, ApolloOS now has a new name!

The main reasons for this is the fact that the license is changinga and we've altered the way things are run (We also noticed that the name ApolloOS is owned by another entity, so we're avoiding litigation!).

The future looks bright for the project, all we need now is a new logo! :D

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-01-22

Latest Download Count for Version 0.0.5

Since Monday 6th October, we've had 679 downloads (I hadn't included the tarballs downloaded from the main site until now), so well done to everyone who's helped make this project a reality and make things more user friendly!

However, not ones to congratulate ourselves about some success version 0.0.7 is coming along nicely, and we should hopefully be releasing it within a few months now. New features will include a build script that removes the need for NASM, a command line with argument and user permissions support and improved documentation for developers on other platforms (i.e. Windows and other Unix environments) along with plenty of bugfixes.... read more

Posted by Bob Moss 2009-01-19

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