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Operation: Scorched v0.2

Packaged up the most recent version of OpScorch that works with v41. Its mostly just an update of v0.1 but it has a few new weapons and uses some of v41s new features. If you're looking for a good example of some team-based objective style gameplay in Scorched 3D, check it out.


Posted by Robert Hand 2007-10-19

Operation Scorched Added

I added the most recent version of my new side project to the files section. Its called Operation Scorched, and it focuses on a unique, teamplay style of play. Currently there are only 3 playable maps, but they each focus on having some form of goal you must achieve in order to win. Weapons are mostly based on real-world weapons and fire in ways that reflect their true nature. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.... read more

Posted by Robert Hand 2007-01-21


Many mods have been updated for version 40.1 of Scorched3D.

One new mod has been added Sniper Mod, By BOY.

JdogMod V2 is up and crazy as ever!

Posted by Jdog 2006-12-10

Apoc 4.0 Added

Even though it comes included with Scorched3D v40, I've added a file release for version 4.0 of Apocalypse in case anyone needs it.

If you're getting errors when trying to play Apoc, I recommend deleting your globalmods/apoc folder and re-installing this in its place. You should also delete your .scorched3d/mods/apoc folder if you're wanting a clean install.

- Bobirov -

Posted by Robert Hand 2006-07-19

R@ptor Mod joins

I'm proud to anouce that a new R@ptor mod has joined the Scorched Modding group!

Posted by Jdog 2006-05-26

New mod added...Tox Box

We would like to welcome our newest mod, Tox Box by BrainDamage. This is what many of you have come to call the Test Mod.

Posted by Jdog 2006-05-13

Added Roofmod

The Roofmod has been added to the cvs, including .blend files for models

Posted by Paul Vint 2006-03-26

New Mod Added

The mod, Best Of Scorched3d, as been added to the files release. Many thanks the creator Revelation_16:8 also known as BOY on the Scorched3d forums.

Posted by Jdog 2006-03-09

Apocalypse Added

Added Apoc v3.1 to the files section. I also added an apoc module to the cvs tree and started uploading previous versions of Apoc to it. I am going to commit at least one version of Apoc for every version of Scorched 3D from 37.2 on up. I have each version tagged for easy retrieval as well (APOC_2-0, APOC_2-1, etc.). I should finish up the rest of the commits tomorrow.


Posted by Robert Hand 2006-02-25

First mod added

JdogMod version 1.4 was uploaded today.

Posted by Jdog 2006-02-21

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