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added support for Fluke CombiScope PM33xxB series

ScopeGrab32 for Windows now has basic support for CombiScopes (Fluke PM33xxB series). A CombiScope can now be detected, the baud rate switched from within ScopeGrab32, and a screenshot can be downloaded into an HPGL file. To view the screenshot you need an external program such as PaintShop Pro to view the HGL/HPGL plotter data.

For CombiScope support, download the "patch" from the SourceForge project Download section (the scopegrab32_v22 release) and unpack the contained .exe over your existing v220 ScopeGrab32.

Posted by Jan Wagner 2006-11-24

sm90 series command refs uploaded

Stuart P. managed to locate the full SM90 + SM105 + Fluke 860 series command reference docs, and you can now get them from the CVS under the directory techref, e.g.:

Now everyone interested in extending scopegrab32 for their own Scopemeter can do so or can program their own apps, too.

Posted by Jan Wagner 2006-09-07

linux v2.2.5 stable released

should work on most or all POSIX

Posted by Jan Wagner 2005-10-10

v2.2.0 stable released

Apparently bug-free v2.2 released. SM9x, SM19x(C), SM12x support for screenshots. SM9x support for waveform download. Now includes short helpfile that comes with cable schematics, too.

Posted by Jan Wagner 2005-09-17

v2.1 alpha 3 - sm190 fixed, sm90 support

ScopeMeter 190(C) detect and postscript bug fixed, ScopeMeter 90 support for screenshots and waveform download, ScopeMeter 12x support still unknown

Posted by Jan Wagner 2005-06-06