SCons 1.3.1 Production Release

             SCons - a software construction tool

                        Release Notes

This is SCons, a tool for building software (and other files). SCons is
implemented in Python, and its "configuration files" are actually Python
scripts, allowing you to use the full power of a real scripting language
to solve build problems. You do not, however, need to know Python to
use SCons effectively.

So that everyone using SCons can help each other learn how to use it
more effectively, please sign up for the scons-users mailing list using
the instructions on the following page:

RELEASE 1.3.1 - Sun, 25 Jul 2010 15:57:38 -0700

Please consult the CHANGES.txt file for a list of specific changes
since last release.

Please note the following important changes since release 1.3.0:

-- VC9.0 Express should no longer throw exceptions

-- VC should gracefully downgrade from amd64 to x86 if no amd64 
   compilers are available and user didn't request via TARGET_ARCH
   a specific target architecture.

-- Fixed case-sensitivity problem with scanners in cygwin python

-- Fixed MSVC initialization issue where PATH,LIB,LIBPATH were
   leaking from the os.environ into the Environment.

-- Fixed propagating VS*COMTOOLS & COMSPEC from external
   environment if the Environment object doesn't have them

-- Fix the ability to append to default $*FLAGS values (which are
   implemented as CLVar instances) in a copied construction environment
   without affecting the original construction environment's value.

Please note the following important changes in this release:


    In keeping with our deprecation cycle, the following deprecated
    features will still be supported in 1.3.0 but will generate
    mandatory, non-disableable warnings:

        --  Support for Python versions 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.
        --  The overrides= keyword argument to the Builder() call.
        --  The scanner= keyword argument to the Builder() call.
        --  The BuildDir() function and env.BuildDir() method.
        --  The env.Copy() method.
        --  The SourceSignatures() function and
            env.SourceSignatures() method.
        --  The TargetSignatures() function and
            env.TargetSignatures() method.
        --  The Sig module (now an unnused stub).
        --  The --debug=dtree, --debug=stree and --debug=tree options.
        --  The --debug=nomemoizer option.
        --  The Options object and the related BoolOption(),
            EnumOption(), ListOption(), PackageOption() and
            PathOption() functions.

    The mandatory warnings will be issued in order to make sure
    users of 1.3.0 notice *prior* to the release of SCons 2.0.0, that
    these features will be removed.  In SCons 2.0.0 these features
    will no longer work at all, and will instead generate specific
    fatal errors when anyone tries to use them.

Thank you for your interest, and please let us know how we can help
improve SCons for your needs.

Steven Knight
knight at baldmt dot com

With plenty of help from the SCons Development team:
Chad Austin
Charles Crain
Bill Deegan
Matt Hughes
Steve Leblanc
Greg Noel
Gary Oberbrunner
Anthony Roach
Greg Spencer
Christoph Wiedemann

Posted by The Bad Dog 2010-08-01

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