SCons 1.3.0 is released

A new SCons release, 1.3, is now available at the SCons download page:

Please consult the CHANGES.txt file for a list of specific changes
since last release.

Here is a summary of the changes since 0.XX:


--  Visual Studio now supports cross-compilation.  Please see below
    for the methods and compilation variables.

--  Support for Latex glossaries and acronyms has been added

--  New Textfile builder

--  MSVC now supports batch compilation with $MSVC_BATCH


    In keeping with our deprecation cycle, the following deprecated
    features will still be supported in 1.3.0 but will generate
    mandatory, non-disableable warnings:

        --  Support for Python versions 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.
        --  The overrides= keyword argument to the Builder() call.
        --  The scanner= keyword argument to the Builder() call.
        --  The BuildDir() function and env.BuildDir() method.
        --  The env.Copy() method.
        --  The SourceSignatures() function and
            env.SourceSignatures() method.
        --  The TargetSignatures() function and
            env.TargetSignatures() method.
        --  The Sig module (now an unnused stub).
        --  The --debug=dtree, --debug=stree and --debug=tree options.
        --  The --debug=nomemoizer option.
        --  The Options object and the related BoolOption(),
            EnumOption(), ListOption(), PackageOption() and
            PathOption() functions.

    The mandatory warnings will be issued in order to make sure
    users of 1.3.0 notice *prior* to the release of SCons 2.0.0, that
    these features will be removed.  In SCons 2.0.0 these features
    will no longer work at all, and will instead generate specific
    fatal errors when anyone tries to use them.



    The way SCons detects Visual Studio on Windows has changed in
    1.3.  By default, it should now use the latest installed
    Visual Studio version on your machine, and compile for 32 or
    64 bits according to whether your OS is 32 or 64 bits (32/64
    bit python makes no difference).

    Two new variables control Visual Studio: MSVC_VERSION and
    TARGET_ARCH.  These variables ONLY take effect when passed to
    the Environment() constructor; setting them later has no
    effect.  To use a non-default Visual Studio version, set
    MSVC_VERSION to e.g. "8.0" or "7.1".  Setting it to "xxx" (or
    any nonexistent value) will make it print out the valid
    versions on your system.  To use a non-default architecture,
    set TARGET_ARCH to "x86" or "x86_64" (various synonyms are

    In addition, MSVC_USE_SCRIPT can be used to bypass the
    above autodetection; setting it to the path of a Visual
    Studio .bat file (e.g. vcvars.bat) will cause SCons to
    run that bat file and extract the relevant variables
    from the result (typically %INCLUDE%, %LIB%, and %PATH%).
    Setting MSVC_USE_SCRIPT to None bypasses the Visual Studio
    autodetection entirely; use this if you are importing
    the shell env and running SCons in a Visual Studio cmd window.

    Note that if you use MSVS_VERSION to build Visual Studio
    projects from your SConstructs, MSVS_VERSION must be set to
    the same version as MSVC_VERSION.

    added to allow specifying different target arch than the host
    system. This is only supported for Visual Studio/Visual C++
    at this time.

--  MSVS_USE_MFC_DIRS and MSVS_IGNORE_IDE_PATHS are obsoleted and
    have no effect.


There are many fixes and improvements in this release; see
CHANGES.txt for a complete list.

Thanks to Luca Falavigna, Gottfried Ganssauge, Rob Managan, Steven
Knight, James Teh, William Deegan, Jim Randall, David Cournapeau,
Lukas Erlinghagen, Hartmut Goebel, Jared Grubb, Jim Hunziker, Jason
Kenney, Greg Noel, Gary Oberbrunner, Ben Webb, Stanislav Baranov,
Robert P. J. Day, Dan Eaton, Allan Erskine, Mateusz Gruca, Ted
Johnson, Arve Knudsen, Zia Sobhani, Greg Spencer, Roberto de Vecchi,
and Matthew Wesley for contributions to this release.

Posted by Gary Oberbrunner 2010-03-25

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