SCons 1.1.0 released

Version 1.1.0 of SCons has been released and is now available at the
SCons download page:

This release notably contains significant memory utilization improvements,
Windows .rc file scanning, and TeX toolchain updates.


IMPORTANT: Python versions prior to 2.2 are supported by SCons 1.1.0,
but are officially deprecated and will generate a disableable warning
message. We plan to remove support for these older versions in SCons 2.0.
If removing this support would cause a problem for you, please contact
the mailing list.

For a complete list of changes since the last major release,

For a complete list of changes since the previous major release,
see the official change log:

The following list summarizes the changes since the previous 1.0.1
minor release:


  • A new --md5-chunksize option specifies the size of each block to
    read when calculating the MD5 checksum. Files smaller than the
    --md5-chunksize value (default 64 Kbytes) will be held in memory.
  • New CheckCC, CheckCXX, CheckSHCC and CheckSHCXX tests have been added.
  • SCons now scans Windows resource (.rc) files for implicit dependencies.
    search paths for various types of TeX input file.


  • Visual C/C++ compilation command lines now put /Fo and the target
    object file name at the beginning of the command line.
  • The scons wrapper script will now find the SCons library in a
    directory named "scons-local" (with no version number) if it exists.
  • SCons now raises an AttributeError, not a KeyError, when a builder
    can not be found attached to a given construction environment.
  • The add_src_builder() method can now be called to add a new
    source file builder to any builder object.
  • The TeX builders now allow specification of a target name, instead
    of always using a default output name derived from the source.
  • The TeX scanner now supports: glossaries, nomenclatures, lists of
    figures, lists of tables, hyperref and beamer.
  • The PDFLaTeX scanner now searches for .gif files as well.
  • The Glob() function now returns its matches in a fixed, sorted
    order, to prevent unnecessary rebuilds in subsequent invocations.
  • The AppendENVPath() and PrependENVPath() methods now support a
    "delete_existing" keyword argument to removed duplicate entries.
  • SCons now recognizes the .sx file suffix as an assembly language
    file that uses the C preprocessor.


  • Glob() no longer persists LIBPATH values across construction
    environments in certain situations.
  • VariantDir now correctly duplicates #incude files in subdirectories.
  • SCons now correctly finds the Python library directory even when
    it was installed in a directory that does not begin "python".
  • Actions executed via the Execute() function now clear cached Node
  • Error output when determining the gcc compiler version is now suppressed.
  • SCons now correctly makes the subdirectory in which a SConsignFile()
    will be stored, if it doesn't already exist.
  • The $SOURCE macro can now be used in the target string passed to a Builder.
  • SCons now uses the correct environment PATH (and therefore the correct
    executable) when determining the GCC compiler version.
  • SCons now Suppresses error output when checking the GCC compiler version.
  • TeX builds with VariantDir(duplicate=0) have been fixed.
  • The LaTeX scanner now searches for graphics files on the TEXINPUTS path.


  • SCons now computes MD5 checksum of large files without reading the
    entire file contents into memory at once.
  • Memory usage has been reduced when a directory is used as a dependency
    of another Node, such as an Alias.
  • Memory usage has been reduced when Null Executor objects are used.
  • SCons now handles interrupts of the TeX tool chains more robustly.
  • SCons now avoids object reference cycles from Python frame objects.
  • The --profile= argument now uses the cProfile module (instead of
    the slower profile module) if it's available.
  • The SCons.compat layer no longer must be imported separately in modules.


  • Fix typos and formatting bugs in the man page.

Thanks to Chris Atlee, Ian P. Cardenas, David Cournapeau, Bill Deegan,
John Gozde, Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve, Jared Grubb, Ludwig Hähne, Rob
Managan, Greg Noel, Gary Oberbrunner, Damyan Pepper, Jim Randall and
Ali Tofigh for their contributions to this release.

On behalf of the SCons team,

Posted by Steven Knight 2008-10-11

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