SCons: 1.0.0 is now available

SCons is a software construction tool (build tool, substitute for Make) implemented in Python, based on the winning design in the Software Carpentry build tool competition (in turn based on the Cons build tool).

Version 1.0.0 of SCons has been released and is now available at the
SCons download page:

RPM and Debian packages and a Win32 installer are all available, in
addition to the traditional .tar.gz and .zip files.

The SCons API available in release 1.0.0 is considered stable, and no
1.x release will knowingly break backwards compatibility with
SCons configuration files that work under 1.0.0. For further
information, please see our release planning criteria at:


This release is functionally equivalent to the 0.98.5 release
and contains only documentation updates.

IMPORTANT: Python versions prior to 2.2 are supported by SCons 1.0.0,
but are officially deprecated and will generate a disableable warning
message. We plan to remove support for these older versions in
SCons 2.0. If removing this support would cause a problem for you,
please contact the mailing list.

For a complete description of important changes since other recent
releases, see:

For a complete list of changes in all releases, see the official change log:

Here is a summary of changes since the most recent 0.98.5 release:


  • The User's Guide contains new sections documenting the following:
  • AddOption(), GetOption() and SetOption().
  • The Requires() function.
  • The Variables object, and related UnknownVariables(), BoolVariable(),
    EnumVariable(), ListVariable(), PackageVariable() and PathVariable()
  • The Progress() function.
  • SetDefault().
  • PrependENVPath() and AppendENVPath().
  • Reorganized User's Guide sections describing environments.
  • Reorganized User's Guide chapter about command-line arguments.
  • New, separate chapter about configuring build output.
  • Man page documentation of use of Clean() with SideEffect().
  • Man page fix of incorrect --warn= descriptions.
  • Man page clarification of SConscript(src_dir=) keyword argument.
  • Man page documents use of Node lists as input to Dependency().
  • Fix man page formatting on Debian systems.


Thanks to Luca Falavigna, Greg Noel, Gary Oberbrunner, Adam Simpkins and
Alexey Zezukin for their contributions to this release.

Thanks to all of the 150+ contributors listed in the CHANGES.txt file
for all of the work helping SCons get to this point.

On behalf of the SCons team,

Posted by Steven Knight 2008-08-13

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