SCons 0.98.3 (candidate for 1.0) fixes key problems

Version 0.98.3 of SCons has been released and is now available at the
SCons download page:

RPM and Debian packages and a Win32 installer are all available, in
addition to the traditional .tar.gz and .zip files.

This release will be followed by a 0.98.4 release, which will be
considered a candidate for the (long-awaited) official 1.0 SCons release.
We welcome and encourage widespread testing and use of this release to
try to identify any problems. Please report your bugs following the
guidelines at:


This release contains fixes for various problems discovered in 0.98.1
and 0.98.2, with the intent of getting the fixes publicly released while
continuing to gather feedback on other possible 0.98.X problems.

IMPORTANT: Like its predecessors, this release officially deprecates
support for Python versions prior to 2.2 (that is, Python 1.5.2, 2.0
and 2.1). SCons will function normally, but running SCons under any
deprecated Python version will generate a disableable warning message.
Our current plan is to support these deprecated Python versions in
SCons 1.0, and remove support in SCons 2.0. If removing this support
would cause a problem for you, please contact the
mailing list.

For a complete list of changes since the previous major release, see
the official change log:

Here is a summary of the changes since the most recent 0.98.0 release:


  • Fix attribute errors that could occur when discovering an Entry Node
    while searching the directories in a $*PATH variable.
  • Fix use of $CXXFLAGS to compile C++ shared object files.
  • Fix the ability to continue scanning source files when one of the
    files ends in a suffix that the Scanner doesn't know about.
  • Fix expansion of $FORTRANMODDIR in the default Fortran command
    line(s) when it's set to a value like ${TARGET.dir}.
  • Fix the ability to directly import various SCons.Options submodules:
    BoolOption, EnumOption, ListOption, PackageOption and PathOption.
Posted by Steven Knight 2008-04-30

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