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sciteproj / News: Recent posts

Migrating to Gna!

I am about to migrate the sciteproj project to the Gna! service. If you have any thoughts, objections, or praise - let me know. This will mean that you'll have to subscribe to another mailinglist, get the source from another place, and report bugs to the Gna! project page instead. Development of sciteproj will not happen on Sourceforge any longer.

What is the reason for this, you might ask yourself. Well, as a developer and an advocate of free software, I am kind of uneasy about advocating free software, but then not use free software myself for the hosting of my projects. It is a kind of hypocrisy that has a simple solution, which I am now implementing. Feel free to mail me for questions about what this will mean for you, other comments, scoldings or whatever.

Posted by Andreas Ronnquist 2013-03-12

Somewhat new focus of sciteproj

Not much has happened here for quite some time, but now it is time to do some work on sciteproj again - I have decided to somewhat change the idea of the project. Saving the project as a XML file will not be possible any longer but it will instead show your folders on the harddrive directly and make it possible to filter and sort the resulting file-lists as you like. I believe this is a good idea, since what you have in the project anyway is a representation of what you have on your harddrive.... read more

Posted by Andreas Ronnquist 2012-12-19

Changed version control system to git

I have just changed control system to git - I will keep the SVN stuff for a while, but in some time it will be removed. All development from now on is in git.

Posted by Andreas Ronnquist 2011-04-01