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Scipad is a powerful editor and graphical debugger for programs written in Scilab language. It is a mature and highly configurable programmer's editor, including features like syntax colorization, regexp search/replace, parentheses matching, logical/physical line numbering, peer windows, line and block text editing, and much more. Scipad can be used along with Scicoslab or Scilab, but even as a standalone text editor. Used as internal Sci(cos)lab editor, it interacts tightly with the interpreter, allowing

  • Scilab code execution control
  • conditional breakpointing
  • variable retrieval and tooltip display
  • Scilab help lookup
  • access to source code of Scilab library function
  • control of Scilab facilities for Matlab code and creation of help documents
  • and much more

Scipad also includes basic Modelica and XML syntax colorization; it is currently localized in 13 languages and further localizations can easily be added.
Scipad is entirely written in Tcl/Tk and Scilab language. It has been tested and developed under various versions of Windows and Linux; it should run on MacOSX on top of certain environments (untested).

Scipad is a free software distributed under the terms of the GPL (V2) license.

Historically, the ongoing versions of Scipad used to be included in the distributions of Scilab (up to version 5.1.1). As this is no more the case, this repository carries the latest developments of the continuing project. Care has been taken to support at best all versions of Scilab and Scicoslab since 4.1 to current, and all underlying versions of Tcl/Tk from 8.4.6 on. Please note however that certain features may not be available in some combinations of Sci(cos)lab or Tcl/Tk.

In particular:

  • The graphical debugger cannot work in any version of Scilab >= 5, because of broken communication support at source (for more details please check this page). For many, that could be a reason to stick to Scicoslab instead.
  • Peer editing is available only with Tk >= 8.5
  • Further specific issues are discussed in the tracker area.

Please leave your comments/wishes/critics in the forum area, or write a note to the Scipad development and users list

Screenshots: please see the summary page

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