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Read Me

README for building of Scintilla and SciTE

Scintilla can be built by itself.
To build SciTE, Scintilla must first be built.

*** GTK+/Linux version ***

You must first have GTK+ 1.2x and GCC (2.8 or better) installed.
GTK+ 1.0x will not work and when it did it was very slow.
Other C++ compilers may work but may require tweaking the make file.

To build Scintilla, use the makefile located in the scintilla/gtk directory
	cd scintilla/gtk
	cd ../..
To build and install SciTE, use the makefile located in the scite/gtk directory
	cd scite/gtk
	make install

This installs SciTE into $prefix/bin. The value of $prefix is determined from
the location of Gnome if it is installed. This is usually /usr if installed 
with Linux or /usr/local if built from source. If Gnome is not installed 
/usr/bin is used as the prefix. The prefix can be overridden on the command 
line like "make prefix=/opt" but the same value should be used for both make 
and make install as this location is compiled into the executable. The global 
properties file is installed at $prefix/share/scite/
The language specific properties files are also installed into this directory.

If Gnome is installed then a .desktop file and icon are installed into the 
correct Gnome places so that SciTE will be in the Gnome Applications menu.

To remove SciTE
	make uninstall
To clean the object files which may be needed to change $prefix
	make clean
The current make file only supports static linking between SciTE and Scintilla.

*** Windows version ***

A C++ compiler is required. Mingw32 GCC 2.95.2 is the compiler used
for most development although Visual C++ and Borland C++ are also supported.
For older versions of Borland make such as version 5.02, add the -l option. 

To build Scintilla, make in the scintilla/win32 directory
		cd scintilla\win32
GCC:		make
VC++:	nmake -f scintilla.mak
Borland: 	make -fscintilla.mak
		cd ..\..
To build SciTE, use the makefiles located in the scite/win32 directory
		cd scite\win32
GCC:		make
VC++: 	nmake -f scite.mak
Borland:	make -fscite.mak

An executable SciTE will now be in scite\bin.